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SOS provide a range of support services required to meet your targets.  We work with you to understand your organisational infrastructure, existing operations, resources and capabilities to develop a solution that meets or exceeds the intended applications. 

With offices based in Singapore, Malaysia and Philippines and collaborative partners based in Indonesia, Taiwan, Republic of Korea, Hong Kong, Thailand and Vietnam, we are able to provide in-country project management and guidance on the following: -

  • Industry Research - Existing infrastructure and Capabilities; 

  • Guidance on legislative processes; 

  • Risk analysis and assessment; 

  • Technical analysis;

  • Marketing & Sales support;

  • Co-ordination for local/international tenders;

  • Arranging & conducting meetings with key decision makers;

  • Formulating successful proposals;

  • Providing general support and assistance on pricing strategies;

  • In-country project management & program delivery

  • Translation of documents;

  • Management of on-going relationships with key decision makers;

  • Through-life system maintenance & servicing support;

  • Design & Development of Training Programs.

From small & medium enterprises to leading global multinationals, our team of highly dedicated personnel have the knowledge & experience to deliver.

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