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To deliver innovative technologies to enhance protection, improve survival rates & advance the quality of medical care In South East Asia.

About Us

About Us

SOS Group are a manufacturer and service provider with a proven track record of introducing, developing and supplying the latest technologies to a global audience. Our newly established Asia Pacific Office is dedicated to continuing the growth of our organisation in this region by introducing the latest technologies to improve survival rates of personnel operating in the world's most challenging environments.


Our origins can be traced back to 1950's when SOS Diving Equipment Limited was established to supply the UK market with depth gauges. In 1986, SOS began research to develop the use of flexible structures to create hyperbaric chambers. The first flexible hyperbaric chamber was launched in 1987 and over the next few years as the organisation sought to secure its position as an industry leading hyperbaric system manufacturer. 

As the Core manufacturing business grew, so too did the number of solutions that we provide. SOS began producing in-house training courses and supplying tailored medical and survival solutions for our predominantly military and offshore commercial customer base.


The establishment of the Asia Pacific Office in 2016, demonstrates our rapid growth in supply of survival solutions to the region.  As of November 2016, all services to our customer base will be managed from our Singapore offices. For a full breakdown of our services, please go to our Services section. 

Our Experiences - Your Benefit

As an Original Equipment Manufacture as well as a in-country service providor, we understand the challenges organisations face when operating in unfamiliar territories. Entering into new markets can be costly and often unproductive. Entrusting new representatives based on limited information can be high risk, particularly so where language barriers exist. Even after initial successes, many organisations experience stagnating sales  figures due to a lack of ongoing marketing and after sales support. Without the right knowledge, understanding, experience and network, the once attractive proposition of entering into the rapidly growing markets of Asia can become an expensive failure.


With over 25 years experience operating in the region, we have developed a focused approach to support carefully selected organisations to overcome market challenges for successful program delivery and operational effectiveness. 

Our Approach

Our Approach

1. Focus on Innovation


We work with organisations who have a focus on the development of breakthrough innovative technologies that disrupt the marketplace and advance the industry standard and deliver long term sustainable technologies, suitable for deployment into developing countries in South East Asia.

2. Continuous Education


We take the time to learn about your technologies and understand your industry. We develop in house training modules so that all of our team don't just understand what projects we are working on, but why the solution is needed, what added capabilities will the solution bring and how this will benefit the wider community. 

3. Ethical Business

SOS is a British owned organisation and we have a wealth of experience conducting business with small and large organisations based in the UK, mainland Europe and North America. We install the highest business ethics and principles to all of our work in any part of the world. We ensure that your organisations reputation is held in the highest regard, protected at all times and that all of our staff operate with the honesty, humility and respect.  

4. Flexible Services

We work with you to define and develop the right support package that meets your requirements and is best suited to market conditions. We offer Consultancy, representation and distribution services. For more information see our Services section.  

5. After-sales support & training


We provide in country after-sales technical support and through-life servicing capabilities both on-site or from facilities in Singapore to meet the growing need for worldwide support for government and commercial services.


6. We adapt to changing climates

We leverage our extensive network of established relationships with partners, end-users and key decision makers to keep up to date on the key political and economic changes that may influence your market. We regulate policy and personnel changes to keep you up to date with market movements making sure you stay ahead of the competition.

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